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We’re pleased to announce the newest book from our very own Zachary Hamilton (co-founder of SSCN ONLINE) is now available on Amazon. It’s titled Future Is Forgiveness: The Supernatural Remedy To Self & Social Destruction. Here’s a blurb about the book:

The story we find ourselves in, that we’re born into at once, and each and every day when we arise, is a story about forgiveness.

If the gravity of GOD’s love is pulling everything and everyone into a Divine embrace, then why is it that our embrace of one another is often left undone – at the plot point of exclusion?

In this thoughtful and challenging book, Zachary Hamilton mixes a typewritten tonic that might be hard to swallow, but is sure to produce a lasting effect. Zachary weaves powerful stories about actual people conducting their own truth and reconciliation experiments with an imaginative slant on many sacred texts to help us understand a major point; to enter the future, and experience the world as it should be, each of us must pass through forgiveness.

In 2010, Zachary traveled to the “land of a thousand hills” on his own dollar to discover that Rwanda’s meta-narrative, as told through many personal and seemingly insignificant experiences and events, is a parable for the world, and each of us in whatever context we find ourselves.

You’ll be inspired by true stories of grace and peace and you’ll be encouraged to conclude what we once thought was only possible in a place called heaven can actually be manifest here and now.

If you want to follow an interesting discussion about Christians and sexuality that’s gaining some traction, head over to Carlos Whittaker’s blog ragamuffinsoul.com. Also, be sure to read the comments.

Many times I’ve heard – and I even pronounced it now and then – that popular complaint: “Where’s the police when you need them?” I’m referring to those situations when an urgent intervention of the authority is needed and they take “some time” before they show up.

Something similar to that complaint can be said about the church. Where is it when it’s needed? And let me personalize this question for you: Is your church there when your community, the people, families, individuals, groups need it? Doesn’t it happen– sometimes – that the church is just looking inside when the world around it is in need? Read More »

During this season of Lent, my boss Gary and I have taken it upon ourselves to read all four gospels during the 40 days and blog about what we are learning. We have invited our faith community and the students at the youth center where I work to join us on the journey. One section from our readings a few days ago is one of the more popular passages in all of the gospels. Matthew 18:15-20 has long been used by the church as a model for church discipline. The way the passage is typically read, understood, and practiced is that if someone is in sin, you go to them individually to try to correct their behavior. If they do not listen, you then go to them with two or three people. If they still will not listen to your advice and correction, you take their story before the whole church. And finally, if they still will not modify their sinful ways, they are to be expelled from your community, a practice traditionally known as excommunication. Read More »

People, like all things, resist being changed into something they are not already. So to change a church (which is the local expression of a living, breathing, conscious entity made of individuals who all have their own story, experiences, and perspectives) takes considerable effort, time, and a lot of prayer. There is not a formula for success, but we as the people of God can facilitate an environment which is conducive to success. That is, we can help people be more focused on God and his goals in their everyday lives so that when he is ready to move, they are ready to obey. Read More »